Please join me in welcoming Dr Kate Welch, Pharm D, to our newest blog site!

Us’ns at Graywolf’s Lair are more than delighted to have Dr Kate rejoin our team and share her professional knowledge and insight, as well as her kindly and pleasing personality.

Pharmer Kate is a licensed compounding pharmacists, giving her more formulation experience and deeper insight in our market than a Pharm D who simply dispenses pills.

She was also a valued member with us at the original skunk pharm, where she worked closely with us’ns sharing insights gleaned from the seriously ill and end of life OMMP patients to whom we provided pro bono meds, giving her insights not known to most of her fellow compounding pharmacists.

Please check out her bio at:

And her introduction at:

Here is a link to the presentation that she did at Portland State University:

Best of all, watch her space for new articles, and feel free to pick her keen mind.

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