At least the old farts and fartesses amongst us  already know that anything that tastes good is either bad for you or fattening, so it should come as no great surprise that a recent study at Portland State University reveals that Cannabis Acetates produce Ketene when vaped, the same as the Vitamin E Acetate that recently killed some folks and put other in the hospital with pulmonary edema.

For perspective, here is some background information on Ketene gas toxicity when inhaled:

My concern in this case comes from the number of cannabis acetates showing up on dispensary shelves in e-pen carts, including those isomerized from Hemp CBD and acetalized into THC-O-A Delta 8. 

Following the recent hospitalizations and deaths from vaporing Vitamin E Acetate, a group at Portland State University analyzed vaporized samples of Cannabinoid acetates, demonstrated that it also produces Ketene.  Here is that study and an addendum:

1-Cannabis acetate and Ketene formation.pdf 


But wait!  If that is not concerning enough, another study by the FDA’s Forensic Chemistry Center of cannabinoid profiles and unnatural THC isomers, as well as one by the same folks  vaping diluents and additives show any number of different cannabinoid isomers found in samples taken nationwide, which have not been adequately studied and shown to be salubrious or at the very least not insalubrious.

Here are those:

Part 1 Isomer identification.pdf 

 Part 2, isomers and diluents.pdf

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