Hi ya’ll!

We’re baaaack!  Well mostly……………

Some of ya’ll say my posts on other forums explaining why all the Graywolfslair links in the various forums no longer work. I was hoping to resolve it fast, but alas that is not to be!

The short version of what happened is that Vultr had an equipment failure and lost the cloud containing my site, as well as the backups my webmaster had stored there.

Everything was lost. Imagine my chagrin at that was the third time I’ve populated a site with articles, starting with Skunk Pharm Research, The Alchemist Resource, and then Graywolfslair.com.

Sidco Studio’s, my webmaster, and Moveweight put together a new Graywolfslair.com site using more dependable and reliable Word Press as the host and we have redundant backups on a separate dedicated drive.

We are still working on the links and still finding pictures missing but continue to work on it and I will keep you updated on progress.

Those of ya’ll who missed the site and every time any of ya’ll hit one of those dead links, I encourage you to remember that it was Vultr who took that support away from you.

I wish I could say that they were remorseful and helpful in mine and my webmasters attempts in recovering the Lair after their crash, but alas that was not the case, so I do not recommend them for a site host.

One Flying Skunk Eye awarded to Vultr and moving on!

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