I mixed some of Pharmer Joe’s center fraction Clear distillate and his THC-a crystals to make a delightful mix that we decided to call Royal Jelly.

Besides its potency, its principle selling features, is that it is super smooth to dab, as the harsh monoterpenes have been removed.  Lots of upper end with THC-a and lots of pain relief with CBD-a.

For my experiment, I used the C-21 ostensibly Delta 8 center fraction from a gleaning operation to recover more of the C-21 fraction, from spent C-30 and above third fractions. A little dark without bleaching, but free is a very good price!

The THC-a crystal was separated using a centrifuge without subsequent solvent wash.  

THC-a Crystals on the left, and Delta 8 Clear salvage on the right,

  Adding THC-a crystals to Delta 8 Clear

Gently fold and stir together.

To about this granular consistency.

And after sitting overnight, it looks like this!

Now, your next step is to take a dab and marvel at both its smoothness and effectiveness.  You can see why we named it Royal Jelly!

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