Well, that was sure good and with benefits! 

I was looking at recipes to try in my aluminum bead bath and Grayfox mentioned that Crème Brulee was one of her favorites, so how could I resist making a few brownie points.

The recipe I used called for:

2 Cups heavy cream

¼ cup sugar plus 2 Tbsp

Brown sugar to coat top

4 large egg yolks

1 tsp vanilla extract

It called for whisking them together and cooking 30 Minutes at 82C/180F.

The recipe makes two pints, so I mixed up the components in a mixer, except for the brown sugar and split it evenly into four half pint wide mouth Ball jars.

Creme Brulee 

After preheating the beads, I spaced the jars evenly and then shoved them under the surface, before covering the pot with a towel and a thermometer to monitor temperature.



Cooking 30 minutes at 82C/180F

I actually ran it twice to get it right.  The recipe calls for 4 large egg yolks and I used the eggs in the frig, which were medium, so it didn’t thicken up in the refrigerator after cooking the first time. 

I added two more medium egg yolks and ran it again to see if I could save it, and it turned out perfect.

After 30 minutes at 82C/180F, I removed the jars and cooled them off in running water before placing them in the refrigerator to thicken up.

Cooling before refrigerating

I checked them after three hours cooling in the refrigerator and they were perfect, so I sprinkled the surface with brown sugar and then caramelized it with a torch.

Brown sugar sprinkled on top

Caramelized with a torch


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