There are a couple divergent lines of thinking with regard to BHO extraction.  In Plan A, we chill the LPG low enough to minimize plant wax extraction and in Plan B we don’t, or minimally chill the LPG and simply remove the extracted plant waxes by chilling the LPG extraction to subzero temperatures and passing it through a filter, after the plant waxes precipitate out of solution.

I designed the WolfWurx Mk VIII to perform Plan B, but never built it because our Plan A worked out well. 

Let’s look at the overall system conceptual, and then discuss the details:

Mk VIII Conceptual

Mk VIII Assembly Conceptual

Note from the above conceptuals that the discharge from the column is collected in the top 12” X 18”  shell and tube heat exchanger serving as the holding tank, with <-50C chilled water piped into the jacket surrounding the tubes.

Below the shell and tube holding tank, is a conical reducer to a ball valve, which discharges through a 4” X 8” 1 micron polyester felt sock filter, into a 12” X 12” collection tank, where the LPG is removed as a vapor, leaving the concentrate behind.

The unique parts are the shell and tube heat exchanger and the sock filter assembly.  Here are those details:

Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger/Tank:

Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger from a 12” X 24” 304SS Sanitary Spool

Lower Conical Reducer

Sheetmetal Cover

Sock Filter Case:

The sock filter case is based on a 6” X 12” Sanitary spool, with a filter plate welded inside, and a custom top lid, as well as a standard 6” X 2” Tri-clamp end cap for the bottom.  Here are the components:

Sock Filter Case

Sock Filter Case End Caps

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