JD, aka Graywolf or Fadedawg, was born in 1943, grew up in rural Oklahoma and after his stint in the USMC, moved to the Pacific NW in 1965, where he worked both in manufacturing and engineering supv/management. 

He served the last 20 years of his professional career in the aerospace industry as a Manufacturing Engineering Program Manager, managing capital equipment and major maintenance projects for facilities, processes, and equipment, design through shakedown.

JD retired at age 62 in 2005, and in 2007 obtained his Oregon OMMP medical MJ card, which started his pursuit of cannabis processing technology.

In 2011 he was co-founder of Skunk Pharm Research and served as both contributor and business agent until 2017.

In that capacity he created and donated numerous processes and equipment designs to public domain, including the Terpenator closed loop extraction systems.

In 2013 he founded WolfWurx, LLC with his son Todd “Wayward Wolf”, providing turnkey extraction systems to the cannabis industry. 

He founded Graywolf Creations in 2015, to provide design consultation on large vacuum interlocked inert atmosphere weld chambers for the aerospace industry and closed it in 2017 at the end of that project.

After his son Todd left to pursue other interests, JD closed WolfWurx and subsequently became a minor partner in in an equity exchange with PharmGold, providing the WolfWurx, LLC IP, and serving as Program Director for the Terpenator and VaporHawg product lines.  He left when that company failed in 2017.

JD currently lives with his wife of 36 years Laury, two-year-old GS female Miss Layla, and ten year old grimalkin house manager Queen Melissa. 

Besides cannabis husbandry and processing, his current hobbies include research, consulting, equipment design, property management, cooking, photography, reading, and dog training.

Past hobbies included classic car restoration and enhancement, on and off road motorcycling, fencing, martial arts, DCM competition, sailing, whitewater boating, scuba, and flying.

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