Lu lu lu lu lu lu lu lu lu!!!!!!!!!!  Now that’s pain relief from a Topical!

This amazingly effective pain relieving topical is just too, too good not to share!! 

Not the great panacea, because some pains it won’t fix, but it does most muscular and joint type pains, and you simply rub it on, and the pain just goes away.  It can also be made from 100% legal CBD from industrial Hemp, instead of Marijuana, what could be better than that?

It doesn’t work better than 62% Holy Anointing Oil, but it works at from about 1.8 to 3.5% concentration, depending on the cannabinoid source used.

I say depending on cannabinoid source, because it can be made from either cannabis food grade to winterized Absolute essential oils, short path cannabinoid distillate, or with pure CBD crystals from either Marijuana, or Hemp.

Hee, hee, hee, when made with pure CBD crystals from industrial Hemp, it is legal anywhere in the US, because Hemp has less than 0.3% psychoactive THC to start with, and after purification, even less.  We will return to that point again later. 

I’m a medical MJ patient primarily because as a former athlete, I wore out two knees, and through other youthful enthusiasm and debauchery, I have a few damaged body parts, upon which the heart break of arthritis has descended.

 For most of those aches and pains a topical works best for me, and this quest started with friend Pete S dropping off a sample of his pain relieving topical oil that appeared to work as well as our Holy Anointing Oil, but made from his favorite massage oil and cannabis concentrate. 

What drew my attention to this one, was that it required only about a 3.5% cannabis concentration to achieve pain relief, as opposed to the 62% in HAO.  Not a noticeably better job, but the pain does just go away with both, and this required far less of the most expensive component, which was the cannabinoid concentrate. 

I’m not privy to what all is in Pete’s oil that made it so affective at low dosages, but ostensibly the effectiveness was improved by its other ingredients, soooo off I went on a quest for a suitable commercial base to experiment with.

While Pete uses an oil base, after getting input from partner Carla and Pharmacist Kate, I looked for a crème base instead of oil, to make it less messy and easier to rub in.  I finally decided on Biotone Muscle & Joint Relief, Therapeutic Massage Crème, and picked up about a quart. 

Muscle & Joint Relief Therapeutic Massage Creme (

It has Glucosamine, Arnica, Boswella, and Devil’s Claw, to which Carla added about 3.5% winterized cannabis Absolute, and it was a success the first try.  It worked for both of us, as well as two other female patients with muscle and joint woes.

She made it in small batches, and simply melted the concentrate at around 100/115F, and poured it while stirring vigorously by hand.

A question arose from an old friend, whose 50 year old daughter that I’ve known since birth wanted to try it, but was a school teacher and feared that it would show up in a blood test, even though she didn’t consume it or get high. 

Since the cannabinoids are transdermal, we have to assume that it would, so I looked at alternatives to using a cannabis concentrate containing THC.

For that purpose I decided to try pure CBD crystals extracted from legal hemp, and containing no measurable THC or other psychoactive cannabinoids, so arranged for 67 grams at the wholesale rate of $670, and purchased a gallon of the Biotone base this time, which cost about $70 delivered.

Because CBD is one of the stronger and most plentiful analgesics in cannabis essential oils, if not the primary one, Carla and I started with a 1.8% solution, which proved successful first shot.

We made it by heating the base up in a 180F oven until it softened enough to stir the crystals in and allowed them to be absorbed by the Biotone menstruum.

That is all there is to it.  To use it, simply apply a light coat and rub it in.  We only made half the gallon up, intending to experiment on concentration with the second half, but it worked so good that half of that batch disappeared later that same day, to those who previously tested the first batch and were standing in line impatiently for the second.

Splitting the about $740 component cost, the half pints cost us in the neighborhood of $47.00 apiece including jar.

It also doesn’t take a lot.  For those pains that it is effective on, a thin film rubbed in works within moments.

Biotone, CBD crystals, and finished topical

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