Aside from intravenous injections, the portals into the human body are oral, respiratory, transdermal, and rectal.  For some applications like nausea and colon/rectal cancer, it is perfect.

We bought the disposal molds off Amazon but I don’t remember where.  A number of sites, but here is one:

 Disposable 2.0 ML suppository molds.

 For dosage, we found it to be about the same as an oral dose.  We used coco butter as the menstruum, with no other additives beyond the cannabis essential oils.

For the essential oil, we typically use a decarboxylated BHO Absolute or QWET.  

2.0 Milliliter ostensibly means a capacity of 2.0 milligrams with water, but coconut butter has a specific gravity less than water, while cannabis oleoresin has a specific gravity higher, but together they don’t weigh quite 2.0 milligrams.

We were using 200 mg dosages, and ours weighed only about 1.93 grams when complete, but the way to tell for sure, is to put one dose in a mold you’ve recorded the tare on, fill the rest of the way with coconut butter and then weigh.  You will have the exact weights for your specific components and you can recover the lost dose by opening the mold and mixing the components.

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