A discussion of equipment design reminds us that all things are fixed in time, which is in motion, so yesterday’s or even today’s most brilliant brain farts are tomorrows museum pieces. 

As the song goes, each new beginning is an old new beginnings end.

In such a discussion, there is also the issue of budget, not just for the equipment, but for the support facility required to run an optimal design.

In addition to facilities, the term equipment covers both the extractor and all of the ancillary support equipment.

My own extraction machine brain farts led me to the manual and automated Terpenator designs, which we built up through the Mk IVC/VC models and designed through the Mk VI.  There were Mk VII and VIII designs that were inline dewaxing systems, vis a vis extractors.   

During the evolution of the Terpenator, it began as a small back yard “home” system for personal extraction, as well as processing our own surplus and donated material into concentrates to OMMP patients, and evolved into peer reviewed and certified systems used in commercial applications. 

Commercial applications now include bulk hemp processing and as volume of both marijuana and hemp increases, certain pinch points come to bear.    

To start discussions on some of those issues, I will be posting thoughts and conceptuals of different process considerations, and started by adding an addendum to 15.6 ASME Pressure Pots.  Please feel free to chime in with comments and ideas!

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