We used a couple different heat exchanger designs at WolfWurx, depending on application.  One was the Tri Coil HEX, which we built ourselves using a stainless pot to hold chilling bath, in which were submerged three 1/2″ 304SS stainless coils. 

Two are 20′ long and stacked one on top of the other near the outside perimeter of the pot, and there was a single 50′ 10″ diameter coil in the middle.

The pot had three 1/2″ Schedule 40 half couplings installed in three of the sides at 90 degrees to one another, and four installed in the bottom, three at 120 degrees of one another and one in the center.

Each of the fittings, except for the bottom center one, gets a Swagelok 1/2″ NPT X 1/2″ tube compression fitting installed so that the tubing is easily plumbed in without undue bends.

All of the fittings gets a 1/2″ ball valve on the outside. 

The tank can be filled with ice water, or alcohol and dry ice, depending on the desired operating temperatures.

One of the outside 20′ exchangers is to cool the pump discharge, and the other is typically used to chill the injection, although the 50′ coil can also be used for that purpose.

When the center coil is used for injection, the two outside coils can be hooked together in series for additional capacity cooling the pump discharge.

The center 50′ coil can also be hooked up to a process chiller, and used to keep the bath chilled instead of using ice or dry ice. 

The center port in the bottom is used to drain the tank and on the WolfWurx Mk’s dumped into the storage tank barrel, but can be plumbed to drain or buckets of you are drain challenged.

We install a pressure gauge in the line between the pump heat exchanger and the storage tank, and use the pressure monitor our HEX bath performance/temperature.

A key feature of this design, is that it is self draining, so not prone to flooding.  We position it directly over the LPG storage tank.

The tank and lid are both insulated with 3/4″ closed cell neoprene foam, which we got at Gasket Specialties, Portland.

Tri-Core inside view

Tricore side view

Tricore bottom view

Tri-Core ready to install

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