Another thank you to Dr. Justin Fischedick for the pile-o-papers and studies, in support of my quest to solve the CBN riddle, and the study done by Rak K. Rasdan titled “The Total Synthesis of Cannabinoids”.  Published by the Department of Chemistry, Carlton University’s “Total Synthesis of Natural Products.  Available on line at:…78.ch2/summary

Another link is:

Hee, hee, hee, snicker, snark snort, this paper reviews multiple processes for producing the cannabinoids out of other readily available terpenes.

Not just the d9-THC and CBD that has the rapt attention of the populous, but some that are harder to acquire in large quantities and which have their own medicinal properties.

What a boon to cannabis medical research!!!

Here is a taste:

The Total Synthesis of Cannabinoids


Rajk. Razdan

SISA Incorporated, Cambridge, Mass 

1.  Introduction

2.  Strategy in the Synthesis of (-)=d1-THC and their Metagolites

     A.  Synthesis of t1 and t6 THCs

     B.  Synthesis of cis-THCs

     C.  Metabolites of Tetrahydrocannabinols

     D.  Metabolites Functionalized in the Alicyclic Ring

     E.  Metabolites Functionalized in the Aromatic Ring

3.  Synthesis of Otyher THCs and Related Cannabinoids

     A.  “Unnatural” THCs

     B.  Cannabidiols

     C.  Cammabinols

     D.  Cannabinoid Acids

     E.  Cannabigerol

     F.  Cannabichromene

     G.  Cannabicyclol

     H.  Novel Cannabinoids

4.  New Cannabinoid Transformations

     A.  Photochemical

     B.  cis-+trans Conversion

     C.  Pyrolysis

5.  Synthesis of THC Analogs

     A.  Carbocyclic Analogs

     B  Heterocyclic Analogs

6.  Overall Structure-Activity Relationships in Cannabinoids

7.  Therapeutic Indications and Potential of New Drugs from Cannabinoids

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