One of my associates with a compromised immune system asked me to help her find an easier way to dip her plants for Spider Mites, both for the better coverage and penetration, as well as to save her having to don a full hazmat suit with respirator.

Here’s what I came up with using components from the available pile to permit my diminutive sister woman friend to dip her healthy ladies in 10 gallon pots, before moving them to the flower room!  

It’s designed for a 10 gallon pot but could be sized to fit any sized pot. 

It pivot’s the plant on its neutral center of gravity, so that it is easily controlled by one hand, while the other operates the hoist.  The spreader bar provides the clearance for the plant to rotate 360 degrees. 

Here are some dirty peeectures of how I did it!

Plant turnover device as built from available treasures

Plant belted into place.

Install foam.

Lids in place and locked

Spreader bar providing clearance.

Upside down for dipping and controlled by one hand.

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