Whoop, whoop, lu lu lu lu lu lu lu lu lu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Eloquent Solution, Graywolf, and Pharmer Joe left Skunk Pharm Research in mid 2017, yet there are sites on line that direct you to  Graywolf@skunkpharmresearch.com.   We are no longer involved with Skunk Pharm Research in any way, so you cannot reach me at that old email address.

The same is true for Joeoakes@skunkpharmresearch.com and jdellis@skunkpharmresearch.com.  Those addresses are also long outdated and neither reaches Graywolf nor Pharmer Joe.   Any response that you receive from any of those emails, does not come from us.

If you send an email to any of those addresses intending to reach Eloquent Solution, Graywolf or Pharmer Joe, and your email is responded to, please share that experience with me at graywolf@graywolfslair.com so that I may address it with its source.

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