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Welcome back loyal followers to Graywolf’s Lair, the latest home of the original Skunk Pharmers Graywolf, Eloquentsolution, Pharmer Joe, and associates, as well as bulletin board for some notable guest authors.

A lot has changed since 2009 when us original Cannabis Compassion Canna Cave Wizards closed out the Canna Cave and opened Skunk Pharm, a standalone group of about a dozen dedicated to pro bono support of medical cannabis OMMP card holders.

Even more changes since out of the dozen or so Skunk Pharmers, in 2011 three of us subsequently founded Skunk Pharm Research, LLC and managed it until mid-2017, when our new partners assumed control.

In November 2017, following our leaving Skunk Pharm Research, we opened The Alchemist Resource, but in early 2018 legal disputes put it in limbo until now.  

Having resolved those issues, as promised, we are baaaaaaack, with a fresh new platform that better serves our reader’s needs, by better organizing the content.

Of course it is now 2020, and in keeping with the interim changes, we will be making some changes of our own, though retaining our primary goal of providing support for medical cannabis patients internationally who are growing and processing their own meds, has never wavered, thus we will continue.

We did realize our goal here locally in Oregon of sending enough educated people to the voting booths with their eyes open, to legalize both medical and recreational cannabis use, as well as a few other states, so will continue our efforts there until cannabis medication is available over the counter internationally.

The net effect of legalization, aside from fallout from some of the ill thought out legislation that followed, was that it allowed professionals and investors to legally add their skills and resources to cannabis processing. 

The result was a quantum leap in available skills and technology, as the overall market moved from black to regulated legal producers and products.

Opening the legal window to investors, resulted in some highly capitalized facilities, using state of the art equipment and producing state of the art extracts. 

Alas, at the same time, there are locations worldwide where the cannabis medications are still not legalized, so the Return On Investment (ROI) or Return on Assets (ROA) still remains unattractive to investors because of legal liability, leaving the uncontrolled black market or personal production to prevail.

The lines blur at some point between medical and recreational cannabis, both of which we support, and some of the formulations are typically used for both. 

In our last decade or so of growth, the cannabis arena has evolved significantly, as have the rules and regulations governing our rights to perform extractions outside a permitted laboratory.

Legalization of medical cannabis opened a window supporting our efforts, but alas legalization of recreational use here in the misty land of OR, resulted in OMMP being moved under OLCC and creating regulation both taking away most of our rights and burying us in onerous paperwork.

Of course, with the onerous legislation came some good things with regard to quality and testing, and legalization brought in some of the fine minds from other industries using techniques adoptable for processing cannabis, so the industry as a whole has seen tremendous net gain.

In 2007 when I obtained an OMMP card, all it gave me was the right to grow and extract my own medical cannabis, as there were no dispensaries from which to obtain the required concentrates. 

Today in 2020, quality concentrates are readily available locally to anyone 21 years or older, with or without an OMMP card, but there are still parts of the world where that is not the case, and to some brothers and sisters, they are simply not affordable, so we continue to offer our insights on personal medical extraction and encourage readers to familiarize themselves both with the safety articles, as well as with their local regulations before trying any of this at home.

As it is now 2020, there are changes to discuss in both politics and processes, so we will try to pick up where we left off by adding appropriate articles. 

Besides DIY growing and processing information, we will introduce the new processes, as well as provide information on available commercial equipment, currently used in certified and permitted labs.

We will also add more guest authors speaking with authority on some of the new processes.

There will be more, much more, so please consider us a work in progress and for now, welcome back and please do continue to watch this space and tell your friends about it.

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