9.5.9 Yet another way to vape without using e-pen carts

Some of us whose lungs are approaching their expiration date and who now rely on vaping or dabbing, are left wanting when traveling, so covet a device that is portable and effective.

There are e-pens with their panoply of flavors that sometimes leak, and many of ya’ll remember the recent scare with brothers and sisters suffering from lipid pneumonia after using e-pen’s containing diluents like Vitamin E acetate supplied by unscrupulous vendors.

Begging the question of how to have a decent portable vape without using carts?? 

By decent, I mean one that has both flavor and effect, which you can easily carry in your pocket in any position without it leaking.

In my search I ran across the Storz & Bickel Mighty, produced by the same folks producing the venerable Volcano and did some experimenting with the mixture in their small aluminum cans, with led to another serendipitous discovery, which I will return to later.

My first discovery was that if I filled the aluminum cans half full of ground herb, and then added a dap of crumble or sugar, before topping off with more ground herb, that I could have both flavor and extra potency.

Storz & Bickel Mighty with product canister in place


Empty canister with ground herb, crumble, and CRC sugar ready for loading

Half full canister with crumble and sugar added

Topped off canister ready for lid


Hee, hee, hee, here’s where serendipity comes in, because I discovered that Mighty product cannister fits perfectly in a Series one, VI Domeless Nail, and provides a smooth and tasty vape.  Not real portable, but handy in the lair and smoother and more flavorful than dabs.………….

Cannister a drop in fit in a Series one, VI Domeless Nail



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